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Kents largest range of Mens & Ladies wetsuits

Here at Boardworx we stock a large range of wetsuits for men and women.

Winter 5mm westuits, Summer 3mm and Shortys that are 2mm or 2/1mm , we also have a good selection of wetsuit accessories like boots, gloves, hoods.



Boarworx has an extensive range of wetsuits in the UK. We sell online and in-store, so you can buy a wetsuit in the UK and we can deliver to you with our fast shipping service. We always advise you to try them on to get the right style of wetsuit. Our staff can advise on the best fit, which neoprene wetsuits style will suit your needs, and the technique of putting on a chest or back zip suit.

Are you looking for wetsuits for sale? Look no further than the ladies' wetsuits or kids wetsuits sales store! We have a wide selection of stock wetsuits from some of the best brands in the surfing industry. Whether you're looking for shorties, or summer or winter suit, we have something to fit your needs - including O'Neill Wetsuits. For colder water temperatures, opt for thicker materials and neoprene layers. For warm waters, choose lightweight microfibre and lycra material that allows flexibility and mobility while keeping you warm throughout your activities. Shop now to find the perfect wetsuit with us!

Here is a link to our Size Guide. Temperature Guide.

For example, the UK waters, no wetsuit will perform in all seasons. A winter temperature 5/4mm suit will be too warm for summer and summer 3/2mm too cold for our winters as the water temp can drop below 8 degrees.

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Kids Wetsuits,

C-Skins - O'Neill

How should a Wetsuit Fit?

A properly fitting suit should cling to you like a second skin with no creases or baggy spots. This will keep out any excess cold water and also eliminate any rubbing. The suit should not be restrictive and should move with your body. A poorly fitting suit can rub and flush too much water, making you cold.

Men's and women's wetsuits are designed differently to provide the best fit for each sex. Also, each brand will cut their suits to their templates, with a massive selection and range of sizes now available, like medium, large xl and medium tall for women, and short for men. In contrast, ladies are sized in dress sizes UK 8, UK 10, and UK 12 and have tall and short versions from some brands like C-Skins so that you can get the best fitting wetsuit.

How do I Looking After A Wetsuit?

With the neoprene the suits are made of now being so soft and flexible, you will always want to either roll your suit up or store it lying flat or with a wetsuit hanger. Never fold your suit. This can cause creases to the neoprene that will crush into thin spots and shorten the life of a wetsuit. Always rinse off your suit with fresh water or a wetsuit shampoo and then dry out of direct sunlight, over exposure to UV light degrades the rubber.

Do wetsuits keep you dry or just warm?

Most wetsuits made from neoprene are waterproof and keep you dry, but some seams, cuff openings, and neck closures will not. Wearing a wetsuit can provide extra warmth due to the protection of the insulation in the neoprene from cold water, as water is a better conductor of heat than air. It is possible to experience hypothermia in warm water. However, if you wear a wetsuit in the water, unsealed areas like the neck, ankles, cuffs, and seams can allow water to seep through. A good wetsuit with blind stitching and fluid 0r taped seams can help stop the flush of cold water from entering the wetsuit, and you will stay warm for longer. Trapping a thin layer in your suit will help keep you warm. A common myth is a wetsuit needs a layer of water to work correctly. But a tight-fitting wetsuit that is dry against your body is warmer than a wet wetsuit.

What wetsuit do I need for UK waters?

Different water temperature will require your water sport, be it surfing, or swimming.

Cold water

Choosing the right wetsuit.
Different water temperatures

6°C below - 6mm hooded winter wetsuit, boots and gloves.

9°C to 13°C - 5/4mm or 5/3mm winter wetsuit, boots and gloves.

11°C to 14°C - 4mm winter wetsuit and boots.

15°C to 17°C - 3mm GBS full  summer wetsuit

17°C to 20°C - 3/2mm shorty shortie /spring wetsuit.

18°C + - boardshorts UV rash guard, 1mm neoprene top.

Please note this is only a guide, as water, air temperature, and the range of people's cold tolerance all factor in.

Is it better for a wetsuit to be tight or loose?

The answer is neither. A wetsuit that is too tight will be restrictive and very uncomfortable; a wetsuit that is too large will be cold and chaff.

Is weight or height more important for wetsuit size?

The wetsuit should be a good fit overall, so it does not matter if the suit is a XXL or XS. You have the size guides as a guide, but you are looking for a snug-fitting suit.